Suicide: A Compilation of Excerpts [1975]


Excerpt: “If you are asking if we would condone suicide or condemn it, we will do neither. For we do not see the act of suicide as some horrendous misdeed, a guilt or karmic debt to be worn as a banner of humility by that soul henceforth and evermore. It is about as significant to us here as your decision to be a plumber, a watchmaker, or to plant cotton. We give the latter comments a bit tongue-in-cheek, for obviously we do have a little more concern than that but, in truth, the ramification or, as you might call it, stigma attached to same is no greater or lesser.


“What is done, here, is that an entity who terminates their life through an action of their own conscious choice is given immediate priority, so to say, to return to the Earth and to resume and to continue to correct that which was so strongly considered to be awry so as to voluntarily terminate the life.” -Lama Sing

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