South American Civilization Then, Now, and Future [1978]


Excerpt: To the lands, which are presently called South America we find that there were, in times past, very different forms and shapes to the land’s mass and contours. For the most part this area then being a form of islands, a rather long narrow – by its present dimensions of comparison – major island and a series of islands which are called generally the western and southwestern isles of Atlan or Atlantis.


Though there were several other civilizations, which are preponderant here in terms of previous historical references, among those Og, Mu, Alphis and several other civilizations or awarenesses functioning as groups and individuals, we do find that the most significant to your present time is clearly given to be that of Atlantis, thus we commence our references from that vantage point, with occasional selections from previous experiences as they may augment a thought or feeling.


To understand the present one finds useful value in examination of the past from the standpoint of the spiritual, mental and physical happenings in that geographic and geological area. For, as has been ever given, and by other sources as well, as they have served God, thoughts are builded and remain as a reality. Though often unseen they are felt, they are detected and they are reacted to by those whom follow.

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