Solar Energy [1977]


Excerpt: So, considering the sun then as an amplifier in itself, that the energies are totally and continually constant in terms of their presence, then the sun’s action and reaction is simply amplifying, increasing or intensifying the normal wavelengths of energy, which are always present – a sort of celestial booster station. And so the collector then would, when considering this, act somewhat in a similar sense to collect by broad acceptance, and to condense and make useful by restricting gradually the vibration itself, So in terms of materials, as we stated earlier, all this is not presently given here for a reason which is topically aside from this but needs mention. Energy, as such in the Earth plane generally relates to power. Not power in the sense of electrical current but power in the sense of dominion of man over man, or the destruction of man of his brethren. And so this appears to be the reservation from the Sources Divine here serving in God’s name, which would otherwise disclose that as is sought.


To the best then of our ability we would relate a carbon black surface backing, receiving in a sense grid-wise perhaps in layered form, tungsten oscillators we believe they are called, which can vibrate and create current.


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