Seeds of Dominance [1994]


Question: This is a collective request from several individuals here in Germany who have collaborated in this work in order to better understand the current situation in our country. We are concerned and alarmed by the developments in Germany: the apparent revival of Fascist and racist attitudes within the society, the in- creasing hostility towards exotic foreigners and resident aliens with a different ethnic background. Triggered by the reunion of Germany, this hostility first started to flare up in the eastern part. Within the last two to three years, it has …


Lama Sing: In the knowledge of the potential, the Children of God realized that there is that thing called power which is the root or seed or underlying causal force which enables creation. Throughout the activities which were to transpire thereafter upon this discovery, the quest became one of a search for power. And associated, of course, with power are the varying thought-forms or mental images, desires and such that are many-fold in nature and descriptive terminology; however, we shall call those the desire to compete, the desire to dominate, and the willingness of submission.


Now, of all of these points, perhaps, that would be floating about in your minds after hearing same, the most pivotal is undoubtedly the willingness to submit or the will of submission. Many entities associate theosophical belief and practice with submission.

Indeed, entire cultures and cults and sects and theosophical doctrines are built upon an ideal of submissiveness, passiveness, inactivity.


Jumping to the other side of the fence or perspective for a moment, those forces which seek to dominate realize this. They also realize that their capacity to utilize this quality of loving compassionate submissiveness, or the pacifistic approach which is typified much in the Eastern doctrines and such, enables them to command their realm, their thought-form, their locale, and so forth.


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