Prayer: A Second Prayer Project [2014]


Excerpt: “As you are seeking to do healing works, remember this: There are many conditions that may seem to be factors that are involved in how to do this under these circumstances or how should I approach that under those circumstances. The primary focus to begin any healing work is to recognize Self. In the recognition of Self, you recognize the presence of God. You are an expression of God and, therefore, you are the Word of God in motion in the finite realm of Earth.


“What is there that is beyond the capacity of God? It is only that one believe and that the knowing of this belief and the Seeing of Self as the carrier of the Word of God in a realm of experience chosen by many other children of God. And this awakens the potential to do the healing work.


“There are never too many questions and sharings on the topic of prayer and healing, for, as we have given long ago, it could be said that the entire purpose of an incarnation in the Earth is healing: that you would journey into the Earth to discover your Self and to bring the uniqueness of your Self into full illumination in the Earth and, thus, whether it is seen visibly or felt tectonically or some other way, it is known by the spirit of the brother and sister whom you meet in your daily journey. The more of you who can awaken this and bring into your prayers the knowing of this, the greater is the potential of that prayer manifesting in its fullness.”  –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 7 readings. Download/Print size is 78 pages

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