Prayer: A Project [1988]


Excerpt: “At varying points in your soul’s progression since its realization of its own awareness—or, if you prefer, at its moment of creation—the soul has during these varying periods expressed prayer in different ways.


“There are those souls who exist in other (if you will) realms or levels of consciousness who are still expressing prayer in much the same ways as many of you did during those times, during those periods of varying nature. And, as we explore these various aspects of prayer, they shall be responding to assist as they can in answer to this call. (We would assure you that all of those souls who will gather to contribute information through these works are completely in oneness with God and his purpose and that Ideal, which is unto the Christ.)


“Prayer is the power of your soul. It is your heritage. It is that which God has given thee which is of Himself. It was given through Edgar Cayce that mind is the builder. There is a mind which exists in the physical, which you associate with the reasoning or thinking properties of your consciousness. There are other minds—or other levels to that one mind, more accurately—which also express (shall we say) themselves, in quite different ways.


“So, if you would visualize what we might call a series of steps beginning with, at the bottom, the step of the conscious mind—that which hears, sees, thinks, in terms of what you call the reality of the Earth. And then next, to the dreaming mind or meditation mind, and on through, until you reach the Soul Mind or Soul Consciousness. Each of these is the builder—or at least potentially so.


“A part of the works which we shall attempt to present to you and encourage you to experience during this project and the following two projects will deal very much so with this. This topic of functioning at different levels of existence or consciousness all at one time, so as to say that we would be encouraging you to think of yourselves as being unified rather than as being separate entities or aspects or portions of the greater whole.


“Where ye come upon a limitation, a fear, or a doubt, lend unto that a prayer of joy, of hope, of faith, of certainty. Wherever ye come upon a brethren, an entity, a soul, whom is in sadness or lamentation of their lot in life, extend to them a prayerful hand; and, if they accept that, extend thy physical hand. For it is upon the arm of thy brethren that thou shalt enter the kingdom of our Father… not upon word or deed, alone, but those wh0 art blessed by thy presence and by thy actions”  –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 19 readings. Download/Print size is 134 pages

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