Kuthumi [1993]


Excerpt: The light which surrounds the essence of Kuthumi is very bright, very broad. There is considerable association here to that which is called the Akasha, or the eternal consciousness of all entities and all their experiences as are associated with the finite expression, which is as to say, the release of the eternal consciousness to bear forth any gain of wisdom and/or knowledge through the path of carnate experience, be that in the form as found in the Earth or in realms which are subjectively different but effectively productive of the same or similar result.


And so the association with Kuthumi would be seen as identified with the incarnative cycles whereas noted in the Eastern, the Wheel of Life. There appears to be heavy involvement with those activities dealing with Universal Law and the continual quest, struggle, and desire on the part of souls involved therein to climb the spiraling circle of karma to reach the point of illumination.

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