Know Thyself – A Story [1999] FREE


Excerpt: Both the driver and the businessman turn to look at the luminous beings. And the second luminous being speaks softly. “It is very important in the Earth and in all forms of existence that an entity remember these simple words, as taught by the great masters of the Earth and by our Brother, the Christ: Know thyself. Look within. See who and what you are. Discover why these aspects of yourself are present. Do they bring you both the joy and love that is so important for all in the Earth and beyond? And do they open you to be all that you can be? To claim the many-fold gifts that God constantly offers to all of His Children?”


The first luminous being states, “What do you think of those thoughts?”


A gentleness appears on the countenance of both the driver and the businessman. They nod and smile softly, obviously at peace. They turn and look at each other in true friendship and fondness.


There is a blinding flash, and both the driver and the businessmen hear these words, “Go back. And live what you know. Look within, and look at the seeds you are sowing. For this is your harvest. Know thyself.”


One of the firemen who has succeeded in extinguishing the flames cries out in amazement. “Good grief, this driver’s still alive. Quick, get the gurney in here. Bring me the oxygen.”


Only a second or two later, we hear another rescue worker state, “Someone’s trapped in this automobile beneath the dash. I have a pulse. Bring the jaws. Let’s get this out of here so we can get him out.”

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