Group Questions – 08: Miscellaneous [2008]


Questions include:
– Is applying numerous spiritual teachings/modalities diluting or deepening to spiritual growth
– Many expressions of the Christ
– The Presidential election
– Formerly effective meditation techniques seem to no longer be working
– Weather drastically affecting crops
– This is that time that you have sought


Excerpt: This is good for all… that one and all would see as this dear one has expressed it here the goodness in all, the presence of God as a light seeking to shine brightly from each teaching, each man or woman of wisdom.


Those who are of such teachings who have dedicated themselves, and through that dedication and completeness of desire, see, will, see, intent. That these are the fodder that are used to combust a fire of truth within. It is not that one thing that one might hold in their hands and say, “Look you here, this is the truth of God” and that thereafter all would believe that this is the only truth, but know this is seen as it is held in the hands of the faithful as the truth of God.


Then what to do? Only this: turn about and look to another as they hold their truth and accept this just in the same manner. And turn to find another, and another, and on and on. For the truth of God lies within each of you, dear friends, and we as well.

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