Group Questions – 07: Personal Insights [2008]


Questions include:
– The icosahedrons based on the golden formula, and the triacontahedron based on the silver formula
– On parallel lives
– An affinity to Brazil
– Comments on Atlantean records


Excerpt: The intent was that these would be present at that time when there was the opening and preparation of the consciousness of the children of God within and upon the Earth. For these then would provide that which can enhance the consciousness and bring to the forefront that which is the nature of the basic forces, energies, and awareness and such.


Thus, these are kept in tact or alive or vibrant in so far as the intention is in accordance with those who had gained that general awareness and ability to claim and direct those energies so that they could be placed in a sense of pause, idleness in the sense of expression and yet very much energized.


The interpretation of these in terms of the basic records must come from the awakened consciousness of those who are sufficient to gain entry, entreé to those structures and those records.


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