Group Questions – 06: Personal Insights [2008]


Questions include:
– What to invest life energy in
– Guidance for an emotional turmoil
– Joy and happiness not always in my marriage
– Twins sharing/not sharing soul purpose


Excerpt: Siblings come into the Earth recognizing the pathway. One comes in and then another and another, in some cases because they see the journey that the first soul intended to be a brother or a sister, is already accomplishing. Even at early years, one, two, three years of journey in the Earth brings about a definition of consciousness, of energies and uniqueness that most all parents would smile and agree to, we believe.


But the point here is not from the parent’s perspective, but from the perspective of the soul yet seeking entry. It is not unusual for a soul to give up a certain pathway and to allow another to take that lifetime. Often, this is not followed to the diminishment of some souls upon their life journey. And as they discover, they do not, “fit” the lifetime in which they are. It is always our prayer that they will seek out how they can discover it from within. If they cannot find it through the process of life itself, see, it is our prayer that this is helpful.

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