Group Questions – 05: Personal Insights [2008]


Questions include:
– Please explain the specific properties of this Persian turquoise
– Please explain the specific properties of rose quartz
– For an upcoming visit to a palm leaf library in India


There are some lesser-known libraries towards the foothills of the highlands, towards the interior… Ramahaal or Ramahapan… something of this nature… Raapan. At any rate, near the eastern portion there is some smaller libraries.


The question, here, would be then the translations. Do you see? The encounter of those who can sustain the spiritual consciousness when attempting to translate these ancient languages would be of paramount consideration… not just the ability, but the spiritual quality of the translator.


Then to in some cases, the translation or reading of the palm of the pages would require then translation into understandable dialect. Here then, you have the original intent, that one who is the reader, and then that one who is the translator… unless there can be (as is found in some of the more populated areas, lets say in the southeastern portion of India – assuming this would be the only local you would consider, not the Burmese or such)… Here we would look to the southeast where great and holy shrines have been preserved, with the palms treated, see, gilded as much as re-done or renewed into new form, new palms, but where there has been the gilding and preservation of such. Then here too, do we find near the southeastern along the river, there is a temple unto Shiva and a great library here

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