Group Questions – 04: Personal Insights [2008]

Questions Include:
– How to cultivate higher sight
– How to be of better service to others
– How to converse beyond the veil; hearing tones
– Help to be a more effective healer
– Deeper insight, including past lives, into my love for the Hawaiian islands


Excerpt: Then the true quest is, to which of these is the greater import placed; in what arena of function, as it is possibly encountered in Earth, does one submit themselves. Understood that these are forces which must be honored, and we would always encourage honor as we know you would do the same. (Moot point, nonetheless worthy of stating to the universe, is it not so?) It is written that a house which is united will endure and provide shelter for others throughout all experiences, all journeys; and a house, which is divided, cannot. What you are struggling with appears (here, dear friend) to be the latter. But it is not something that has been done, but something that is approaching that point of decision. Is it not?


Whatever the means, whatever the requirement, the quest for Consciousness is best made by a pathway of joy, a pathway that brings one into that state of harmony with self, harmony with the Universal Forces. As one just above spoke about the sounds, the tones, the vibrations, the energies… these you know of, these you work with and understand, but the greater understanding lies yet ahead of you. Is it in any particular teaching, any particular study, or any one entity? Yes, of course; and no, certainly not… you would decide this. See? Thou knoweth this, then believe unto it and act upon it.


If you seek to find a replication of the joy, the harmony, the uplifting energies that you find present in these lands, these peoples… if you are seeking to duplicate, to replicate this, perhaps the first question to ask self is why, when they are already offered to you.

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