Group Questions – 03: Personal Development [2008]


Questions included:
– How to know if I’m fulfilling my life purpose
– Re an astrological chart, what if you don’t know your time of birth
– How can I use my remaining time spiritually effectively
– I feel like I’ve lost my way
– Sacred sounds in spiritual healing
– A change in spiritual healing work


It is time to wake up. It is time for you to let the seeds of hope, the seeds of the color of God to be born again into the Earth. And if you feel a sadness and the sense of separation that are in your words, as you gave them above, can’t you see that these comments are true? It isn’t what you see; it’s who you are. It isn’t what you see others doing; it’s what you do within yourself.


The temple of God is eternally within you. You are the unique one sent to the Earth to bring it flowers, to bring it hope. And so now, your call for assistance has been answered. Not we, for we are the humble servants of God, but God has answered you. Don’t you know it? Don’t you feel it?


Lift that hope up. Embrace it. Pause every morning to say thank You, Father, and then go forth into the day giving those thanks, that gratitude, to all whom you meet. If you don’t do that, then you will find yourself evaluating that upon your departure from the Earth, and you will begin to laugh and say to those of the Elders, “Send me back brothers, I am ready now. I see the flowers of my soul. Let me bring them to bring light and hopeful color to my brothers and sisters who have lost their way.”


There are sweet souls with you, always. You have only but to ask and turn to them.

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