Group Questions – 02: Personal Development [2008]


Questions include:
– I don’t seem to be making the spiritual progress I would like
– Why did Jesus perform the first miracle when He did, and at first say it was not time
– How to tell when an experience had within meditation comes from self or another
– How to more effectively serve God and fulfill one’s purpose


Excerpt: You are upon a pathway, which has brought you to many different challenges, and some you have met and overcome with considerable effort and deliberateness. Look at these things and the pathway that has been traversed and celebrate this, and know that as you look upon this, you will see that He has been with thee all the way.


It is not the habit; it is not that which is given by the nature of thought in the Earth. But rather, that which flows from within you, deep within, dear friend, such that it is ever there. No matter where or what you are about, it is there for you.


Now is that time for you to bring a sense of harmony and peace to your body, mind, and spirit. Ever seek this and you will find in the doing of it… seeking, that is… it will be found, it will be called to the forefront.

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