Group Questions – 11: Nibiru and These Times of Change [2010]


Excerpt: There are those who come upon challenge and do not meet it, neither do they accept that which is offered. And then the journey becomes one of little or no accomplishment. The spirits then come forth to lift these up that there can be a renewal and that there can be the brightness and hopefulness of their true being; that as such, then, this might shine forth and show the way and guide them into the claiming of their own righteousness and their own beautiful uniqueness.


It could be thought in this particular time on Earth that there are those who are lamenting and thus it is for this alone that we offer these comments. And it is true indeed. But it is also true, dear friends, that within each who journey upon the mantle of Earth in the energies of thought within the confluences of intent and emotion, doest thou not meet a challenge here or there? It seems unrighteous, or to be that which bears naught the signet of a loving Father. And yet, as the journey continues there is found the wisdom and the unending love that has been the Force that allows this to be your choice. So is it then to be remembered that each soul is a child of God and therefore each has the right of freewill choice.


It is to be looked upon, then, that the wisdom and glory of God is ever offered in an attitude of righteousness to each of His children. Then the mantle of knowing and the eyes that can see come awakened and upon thee, that truth can be seen and loved in all things. It is our prayer then that this be so for all… that the eyes of spirit and the truth of thine own heart ever be that which is the strength and the rod against what is measured without.

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