Group Questions – 01: Peace on Earth [2008]


Questions include:
– How to more fully experience our relationship with God
– How to exercise the ability to move beyond finiteness
– A mirror exercise to help see into the depth
– When is it righteous to fight for freedom and peace
– About the Darkness and the Light


Excerpt: Much, of course, has been given on this or these topics in the past… both here, through Edgar, and many other teachings, gifts, works, writings, etc. There is one Spirit from whence this is given, and many channels, many tools that are employed to bring it to the consciousness of those who are seeking it.


Having given this, it is also recognized that there is no one answer that can be given to a grouping, for one individual’s answer will not fit or suit another’s. There is a common thread, of course, and this lies in the intent that peace would be the gift given to all, that love and compassion would be offered to all. But this does not seem to take into account those forces which oppose these, and which seek – as their intent, their primary goal – the domination of those who will not stand for what they believe. Therein lies the crux, as we perceive it from here, to what you are speaking, to what you are asking. Let us give a small example from here…

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