Etheromagnetic Fields – Part I: An Overview [1982]


Excerpt: Growth tends to be in the spectrum towards that of its vibrational frequency. Let’s see if we have another way to state that to you here. There is that colloquial term which is, ‘So below, so above. As within, …’ and that sort. Here, we have this statement to add to it: the nature of the dis-ease tends to tell you of its own solution. If it is an inner dis-ease, then it tends to respond to those vibrations which are akin to that location. If it is an outer, then it tends to respond to those which are the outer.


For example, the epidermal aspects of the physical body tend to respond moreso to the environ around it and as such these are the blues, yellows, those colors which are first to affect same, those which bombard the external, not just in a certain color, but in its manner, in its vibration. While in the inner, these tend to relate moreso to that which is within, the earth, the darker, the more dense, the less volatile, the more static. So we would often treat a condition with its opposite, as with the gauge we gave just above there.

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