Dedication and Aspects of Life [1974]


Note: Given in 1974 this reading was given by Lama Sing alone, before his group joined him in the work.


Excerpt: There was a time when a small child was born to a shoemaker and he dwelled upon the hard, barren floors of his parents’ abode, noting the many different types of footwear of the customers who have come to his father’s place. And he learned after a time to recognize many by their feet. As time passed and he had become grown, he retained this habit of viewing down upon each new person’s feet and he grew even more as the years passed by. Still looking down at their feet to determine who and what they were.


Then one day he discovered that there was more to be seen and he moved his gaze up to peer into their eyes, realizing that he had spent many years of his existence viewing only perhaps the lower portion of what is a much more breadthful being. He was ecstatic with joy to see the expressions, to see those of love, of joy, manifested in the faces of his brethren. Now then, mankind has many days peered at their feet. They have looked about themselves and have done many things of wonderment. They have created many things of greater ease and benefit to them in a physical sense. But now you are the children who have looked into God’s eyes,  you have seen the light…



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