Death Is Overrated [2008]


This was a reading requested by a longtime friend of Al’s who knows the readings inside and out. He had recently been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, given months to live. (As of the posting of this reading, 2016, having applied all he knew and had learned from the readings, as well as honoring the assistance given to him by the medical community, he is still very much alive, looking better than he had prior to the diagnosis.)

Excerpt: Certainly when you approach death as the doorway to the beyond there will be some reactions within and about you. But if you hold peace and love and forgiveness, gratitude, honor, all these things and greater as best you know, then it shall be as a road well traveled. We, no matter what, and others greater than we, will be at the ready to receive you. But you will choose thereafter. Prepare for that choice now that the journey shall be very passable and pleasant. Remember the Bridge of Light. See?

Susan: Thank you. Following on that question, their next question I think pertains quite a bit to that. They write: It could be said that death is the mother of all illusions –a source of much fear. But it may not be the death itself but the trauma and pain associated with it. It may be that a certain degree of purification or such needs to take place. Is sickness and disease a sort of purification process that needs to happen before one can cross over? Please explain.


Lama Sing: Well, death is very over rated.

[much laughter by all present]

Lama Sing: Those things which are defined or called causes of death are sometimes necessary because the entity has chosen these as ways to build understanding or to learn something or to give something to another. There are so many variations here we could speak on this quite lengthily and are joyful to so do if you wish, but we believe that you know many of these.

It is good to see dis-ease for what it is – a lack of ease. When dis-ease becomes so profound that the body in the singular, (which we use to mean as one sudden occasion) or in the cumulative (which implies the reference here to a growing increase of dis-ease or a growing debilitation) either one of these is often, not always, but often the choice of the consciousness of the entity involved at some level to experience the result of same.


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