Creation of Matter [1975]



CONDUCTOR: Is there an original thought from God which is a vibration, or a series of vibrations let’s say at an infinitely high frequency? That as this comes to each plane all within that plane resonates sympathetically according to that infinite thought. Then each plane would have a different rate of vibration?


LAMA SING: Yes, this is true. This is often referred to as the soul of man.


Oh, you are puzzled!


Man is the creator of that which surrounds him, you see. For that which God created then continues to create. God’s thoughts are not limited. They do not travel just this many of your miles and then they are expended, you see. His thoughts are as He, they are eternal. You are of God, you are thoughts of God thus you are eternal. That which is around you, you have created to varying degrees of evolvement, you see?


CONDUCTOR: So the thoughts are there and they can be utilized on this plane at whatever rate of sympathetic vibrations are present? And we merely need to recognize and understand in order to create?


LAMA SING: Yes, this is true. It is a pyramidal thing, however. We remind you that if one were to find the source or origin of all things, of course they would be delightfully facing God. But to move outward, let us call this an explosion in a void. An explosion in a void then would hurl all matter, particles of itself the source of the explosion outward in all directions, would it not? Especially true were this explosion to take place in what you consider a vacuum like space. The resistance then to the force is negligible if at all present.


Well then, to be at a point upon one such fragment indescribably long distances from the source, one can begin to see then that upon that fragment there are other explosions, each one taking place in a void. And upon that fragment there are then other explosions taking place in yet more void. You begin to see what we are attempting to define, then.

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