Competition [2004]


Excerpt: In the passage of the children of God from the Source (if you will) into the journey -which is as to say, the going forth from God – to experience the specifics, the details, the nature of finiteness and the nature of creation itself, there came about those experiences which might be best described as the exploration of contrast.


If one finds a group whose preference is brown, and another group is currently dwelling in and preferring blue, and you are seeing both of these groups in finiteness simultaneously, you can see that those who prefer blue would want blue to be the predominant expression. Those who prefer brown would want the same for that color.


What arises here? Perhaps a competitiveness not unlike that seen often among children. It is not so much that one wanted to deny the other, but the predominant wish manifested. The Law being perfect, Free Will expressed into finiteness becomes a question of the predominant force of will. Recognizing that this is the case and was in those times, groups gathered others with them to accelerate and fortify the power of their intent, not maliciously but simply because it was their intent.


The greater this grew in terms of the attempts to gather in number and thus to expend the greater force of intent – or mind, if you will, since intent manifested in Earth is defined as mind; under the structure of the law this is, in essence, preserved – so then, the predominant forces were just so … predominant.


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