Chlorophyll [1973]



LAMA SING: The blood upon contact with air becomes almost useless. It cannot be given back to that from whence it came because it has become contaminated and absorbed those impurities about it. Moreover, those structures that are coursing through the vessels of your body have certain characteristics to protect your body, those things we shall call the protecting elements or agents. As they are exposed to the air, their instant reaction is that of protection. For this purpose they destroy themselves and thus the blood about them.


So it is with the life-giving fluids within the plant. The chlorophyll acts similar to those protecting agents within your own bloodstream. It is literally destroying itself in an effort to protect the plant. Therefore, it follows for you that that process, which you would carefully use to protect your blood when you transfer it from your body to another vessel, must also be expended toward the plant. You see? Have I made myself clear at this point?


NAME 1: Are you talking about transplanting chlorophyll?


LAMA SING: I speak to you of your wish to gather the substance chlorophyll, you see? Have I made this clear to you at this time?


NAME 1: I believe so.


CONDUCTOR: In other words, you’re saying that it takes a very involved process to get the chlorophyll from the plant because the chlorophyll destroys itself.


LAMA SING: Is it not so with blood?

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