Cause, Effect, and Simultaneity [1984]


Excerpt: If ye would be greatly accelerated in your growth, learn to be aware of cause and effect simultaneously. They are integral, that if you believe and think and act as simultaneously, cause and effect, you will accelerate beyond your comprehension the powers of your potential in Earth. And as ye apply these in accordance to God’s laws, there is naught that ye cannot accomplish in His name.


Even so, if ye do not apply these in accordance with the Universal Laws, great and wondrous things are possible, yet ye must ultimately balance with these if the Laws Universal have been violated. So it is well to know these things, these tenets, these teachings. To understand that self and the entity with whom thou art interacting are enjoined, at some level, inalterably and eternally. And if that which thou art meting out to this entity is not of a goodly nature, at some level self will reap the harvest of what is sown to that entity.

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