Abundance: A Project [1992]


Discover how abundance comes from abundant living and thinking, and how to achieve an attitude of gratitude, through which abundance manifests in all areas of life, not merely monetary.


Excerpt: Abundance… It begins with the thoughts that you have today. It began with the thoughts you had yesterday, the day before, twenty days ago, and twenty years ago. For you are the accumulation of your existence in the present. And to a perhaps somewhat lesser degree, in a sense, you are the end product of all of your previous experiences, are you not?


Whether you believe in the succession of incarnation or reincarnation or not, you must ultimately realize that how you think, what you think, and how you act, are to some degree conditioned responses based upon previous experience. All these things are the seeds that you sow into the Earth, the berm, the substance of your daily life. That word you spoke to someone earlier this day – joyful or not, expectant or limited – that was a seed, no different than the farmer’s cottonseed. Shall it meet the mortgage, or bring unlimited abundance… you control that. See?


NOTE: This project consists of 11 readings. Download/print size is 146 pages

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