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Lama Sing speaking for Timor: “And when you pray, God prays with you joyfully. It is not an act of service in the sense of some sort of rote or dogma or tradition or repetition. It is the celebration of the flow of Life within all that is. When we were in the realms we had a great time passing back and forth between our realms the differing viewpoints of our experiences and intentions. And we did so as we discovered the Pathway of Neutrality between us so that we could each give to the other in a way that was acceptable to one another.


“In other words, you have barriers of differentiation in your realm. Yes? In those barriers, if you find that path that is …” Yes, he calls it Loving Neutrality. “If you would see the barrier in an attitude of Loving Neutrality, the passage through it would be non-threatening to either side to their choices. And so, as we found God in the (quote) “definition” … (well, we said we weren’t going to use those) in the definition of separateness between our two realms, we realized that this was God! My goodness! What a discovery! Eh?


“We realized that this separation was God giving us the opportunity to explore our choices, our definitions.


“Well then, imagine us discovering God as that which is between us! Not much activity needed to take place to say, ‘What the …’ And so, we crossed over, back and forth. And in the crossing, we felt the Song of God.”


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