Vibrations of Plants and Animals [1977]


Transmutation, harmonic patterns, body chemistry and vibrations, cosmic effect, incarnative experience, and attitudes such as hatred, anger and remorse are just some of the topics duscussed. This is one of the lost readings recently returned to the Lama Sing library.


Excerpt: “We would comment that each of you can consider yourselves as an individual flower in the field of God’s creation. You are each unique in the sense that you have the coloration of delicacy that defines thee as whom you are, The fragrance, the strength, the tranquility or the blush or flush of vibrant colors depicting the position of your own acceptance of God. Each of you has purpose and pattern to fulfill, which you have chosen.


“Do know and give grace and honor to those pathways and those methods, which are selected by your brethren, for there is not but one path unto God, but all paths ultimately lead to God. Know that in the plants, in the animals, in the things of thy domain, each is an expression of God in a living sense.


“Yours is very much that form which caretakes these creatures of God. Tend them, treat them, give them reverence, as you would if their form was that of God. One which you would recognize.” – Lama Sing

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