Universal Laws – Part II [1986]


Excerpt: EXAMPLE #3. Edgar Cayce and associates sought oil in Texas, in order to provide money to carry on the work, presumably a good purpose. They did not find oil.


LAMA SING: You have given an example above regarding Edgar and the search for oil. We are advised here that, indeed, much of the effort was successful; but that in that time the nature of that which was found was prohibitively expensive to obtain, another type, a grade, which was not generally sought after. If you return to those same sites or just near by them, you’ll find that even as we speak oil is being extracted there. So, what went wrong? What was awry? For here is Edgar and his purposes and works which are looked upon by all, in your realm and here, as good works, works clearly of the Master’s own spirit and those which are to be looked upon throughout all time with an attitude of honor and a compassionate love.


What, then, is possible for the rest, if even Edgar in his position might fail under this Law? Well, we give this explanation. No one is exempt from the Law. The greater the entity’s spiritual attitude, the greater the entity’s spiritual work or works, the greater they function consistently as a channel of blessings, the greater is their responsibility unto the Law, and the more pure must they be in their thinking and in their application of that Law, that the Law shall bear that fruit which is their desire and intent.

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