Universal Laws: A Project [1987]


Excerpt: “Universal Law is as the spirit or living essence of God. Therefore, as one attempts to re-awaken themselves to these as truth, therefore they are re-awakening themselves unto God. And thus, we should think, there would clearly be a unique and beautiful sensation involved with that procedure. Further, the Earth plane, in the greater sense, has moved into a period of consciousness—or a time, if you wish, in your Earth terms—wherefrom many actions are likely, or at least possible. Among these is the opportunity for very beautiful spiritual growth; and also present is the powerful force for change.


“The Earth has entered into, and shall continue to move even deeper into, a time of transition and/or change. Many ancient cultures of the Earth have foreseen and predicted or prophesied about same. Many of those who are called channels in the Earth of recent past and current Earth time have also sensed or been advised of same. All manner of action and reaction can be anticipated, as already has been observed by many of you in your personal, your family, your group, your culture, your nation, and your world. All of these shall bear testimony unto this time of change. Thus it is just so appropriate that ye might come unto a working together as a grouping to know His Word, His Living Essence, that from this knowledge ye might gain wisdom by the application of same and thereof draw ever as need be in your service to others, as channels of blessing, in your daily life, in your daily works.” –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 10 readings. Download/Print size is 87 pages

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