Twin Souls and Soul Mates: A Series [1985]


Excerpt: “Each of you has a counterpart whom, when they are present with you, simply cause all other things to fall instantly into a state of harmonious joy. It may be thought of as like looking into a mirror were we to comment on this in the physical sense, but that would only be so at that point of your growth wherein you have accepted your own beauty, your own uniqueness. For if you see in yourself a flaw, a fault, a weakness, or if you judge yourself or have remorse against yourself, what shall you see in the mirror before you? Can you see the beauty of your soul mate, of your twin soul, or of a friend? Or would the reflection be obscured by your own attitude towards self?


“So, hence, it has here been given in the information previously, often, learn to love yourself, to forgive yourself, and to have a joy for your uniqueness.” –Lama Sing


(This series includes an overview as well as discussion on Jesus and Mary, John the Baptist and Elizabeth, and the Apostles.)

NOTE: This series consists of 4 readings. Download/Print size is 38 pages

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