Thoughts, Emotions, and Miracles: A Project [1989]


Excerpt: “Everything that you are and that is about you is real. But all of that reality is a thought-form. A thought-form is real. And therefore your realm and all in and about it are also real.


“The reality of your realm depends upon the perceiver and their willingness to consider it as same. And, thus, you may have heard from here and elsewhere, periodically in past, as you measure time, that thus or such is illusion. To the extent that the perceiver may be able to grasp far more than the earth, then that is so. But because these things are thought-forms, then those whom subscribe to them shall find them to be real.


“Reality is in the experiencing of an event or an existence, is it not? Then, for those whom are not experiencing thy thought-form, they may conceive or consider same to be unreal or to be an illusion.”  –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 13 readings. Download/Print size is 109 pages

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