Thoughts – Attitudes: Fears, Guilt, and Sins [1974]


Excerpt: “Do not consider so freely acts which you have done to be those of guilt and sin, and do not carry these burdens with you each day as you would add a link to a long chain.  For they will, indeed, slow your progress as though you had actually a physical chain trailing behind you.


“And now you say in your mind, If we do not have these sins and guilts, then is it possible that I may do what ere my impulse leads me? That is true, you can.  However, you must understand that thy impulse must be one which has been expressed to you by the Father God, you see. And, if you do not obey this, who shall be wrong? Yourselves, of course.  And you have (to correct this error) a need for understanding – the demonstration of compassion not only to others but also yourselves.” -Lama Sing

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