Thought – Thought, Matter, and Interaction [1977]


Excerpt:  “There is no cell, no structure in the physical form, which is independent of thought. It is as to say that your thoughts interact with the total being, total aspects of your body. But the endocrinal is largely responding to various strata of the thought, in terms of a radio wave comparison. And so, to that extent, the glandular centers act as receivers and transmittal units. The glands are as receiving and sending units of a sort and they are then, in that sense, bombarded, or in greater or lesser receptivity of certain energy patterns or thoughts.


“Cells, then, are sympathetic reactors. They are sympathetic to the strongest force which affects them, and they have tended to become localized through mass-thought. The evolution of man, in the physical sense, might be thought of as to produce total harmony in the entire endocrinal system, so that you function completely in harmony and accord in every cell, every fiber of your being.” –Lama Sing

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