They Set Themselves Free [2016]


Lama Sing: In the two realms, these were both very beautiful. The subtle difference – which was the Veil of Separateness constructed of God’s love for both – was seen from each side to be unique in a manner that applied to each specific realm. See? In other words, one side of the Veil saw it this way and the other side saw it that way, and they thought the two to be divergent sufficient enough that they chose to dwell in one or the other because of choice.

When it came to pass that they met, not on a battlefield but in an exchange of understand- ing, they realized that that was all they were doing: looking at the same beautiful light of love flowing from God to them.


[Note: This is the pdf version of the ‘Message’ posted Apr 2, ’16, offered here because some prefer this easily printable format.]

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