The Legend of the Stones of Tobar: A Project on Faith [1989]


This short project begins with a story from Atlantean times.


Excerpt: “Journey with us now as we move back through what you consider to be time and space to a point in consciousness wherein the souls involved with the Earth knew themselves to be not only Children of God but also to be co-creators with His power, His potential, and His love.


“As the result of this knowledge, some of the entities who were involved with the Earth began their sojourns in an enlightened sphere. As a part of that enlightened consciousness, they were enabled to contribute to the beauty, the prosperity of those who had less than this consciousness at the onset. And now, as we focus upon one of these entities, remember—what follows is the potential within all souls.” -Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 5 readings. Download/Print size is 50 pages

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