Talismans, Stones, Gems, and Minerals [1977]


Excerpt: While each entity can perceive, some have accepted some have not, others might find that on occasion they can perceive the emanation and thus are amazed at this curious happening. Such emanations are found present in all things. Speaking in terms of the Earth or physical plane, they are found more likely then, as seen then, in those which are living to the extent that the life force is equitable on your terms. But just as surely as an animal has its life force, a plant has as well its creative source of God, and each individual possessive of that of the soul’s radiance, then too do those elements or material in the mineral kingdom as well have their force very similar to that of the life force of those mentioned.


Taking a raw material such as a stone or mineral, one can fashion this into various shapes or patterns. It can be cleaved, shaped, polished. Each action, which is performed with a thought afore-hand concurs with that, as given often, that mind is ever the builder that thought goes forth and creates. So in the completed form or talisman one would find that there is inclusive several levels or several functions of energy, or perhaps more universally described as vibrations. Those then of the thoughts of the creator, and those which are native or resident in the materials afore-hand.


In the case of those which are created in a spiritual sense for the emanation of a familiar or reminding energy there is brought into the reality of the object as well another dimension. That dimension being the eternal or etheric vibrational sources which relate to all previous effects or influences which have been cast towards that object or symbol in previous times, cumulatively speaking.

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