Sheaths [2000]


Excerpt: As a part of the process of what we have called the wheel of life or the wheel of incarnation, souls, of course, were afforded the opportunity to enter, experience a life cycle, pass through the portal called death, return to other realms of expression, which varied greatly, dependent upon the souls and their experiences just before in the Earth; and then, according to other aspects, guidance, and such, were allowed once again to reincarnate. The process brought about, of course, the general topic of reincarnation or the wheel of life, and of course, brought about a condition which we will now call “sheathing.”


The term “sheathing” is not necessarily concise. It is, rather, a generalization which is intended to give to those who are seeking such knowledge a better understanding of the influences of past, whether those are as a part of the sojourns in the Earth and/or, collectively, including sojourns in other realms, which we shan’t delve into in this meeting.


But suffice to state that as a soul entered an incarnation, took physical body, experienced a lifetime, and then departed, there were, of course, as you can all in the Earth at present surmise, after-effects. In other words, memories, patterns which had been engaged in, which remained with that soul. Some of these patterns were so powerful, so intensely focused upon by the soul itself, that the soul became limited. Using the word “limited” here is to give you the reference back to the soul’s purest state of consciousness, which would have followed their awakening as a Child of God.

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