Shadows, Light, and Change [2016]


Interestingly perhaps to some, the entire first part of this readings is Lama Sing speaking to those in “the shadows”.

Lama Sing: While it may seem to some that we are communicating with a large thought-form, it is to be recognized that within this thought-form are all of you who subscribe to such thinking, such intentions. And as you seek to be in illusionary, in the perpetuation of a thought-form, we see you and we Know you. And in the Knowing of you, we can speak your name. So, in the eternal sense, Know this: You are our brothers and sisters. We honor your choice or choices, and we call forth from among you those who wish now the Freedom and joy of their rightful heritage as Children of God.

So those of the Light of the Brotherhood have surrounded the Earth with the intent to bring the Promise into the awareness of all those who have sought the shadows of illusion. As we seek to embrace the beauty of the realm called Earth, we seek to do so in the gentle love and kindness of brothers and sisters to each of you.


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