Sea of Faces – Part III: Cry of the Lost [1998]


Excerpt: “There is no way for them, in their consciousness, to make amends, for the Earth is gone. Those with whom they interacted are gone, as well. If there is an addiction, they cannot obtain it, that which is the source of same. Whether that be a chemical or a situation in the Earth, such as power and the need of same, or dominance and the need of same, or the need to be dominated, all of these can be as limitations. All of these can be addictions. We have given information on this in past.


“So here, at first, upon arrival in these realms of consciousness, so to say, these newly arrived souls might find some degree of affinity if not, curiously, some comfort in being with entities of like mind, like need and, sadly, like limitation.” –Lama Sing


Note from Lama Sing: “We would state here, clearly, that this is one of the most significant works that we shall do together with you for the entire tenure of our service with this Channel. Our reason for stating this to you with no small degree of emphasis is that by understanding the nature and interaction of this topic—in other words, the entities and the realms of consciousness which are involved in same, the topic—one can clearly, while yet in the Earth, see the value, the wonderful opportunity, that being in the Earth presents to you all in terms of the ‘after-life’, as it’s called, which is the true life, the eternal life, and the potential that that shall bear for you.” –Lama Sing


NOTE: This is one of the readings included in: The Sea of Face

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