Sea of Faces – Part I: Earthbound [1998]


Excerpt: “So it is that the Sea of Faces is not just one finite realm, but actually a composite of realms. It would be difficult to assign a numerical value to those, because they are in a constant state of movement and change. And what we would give in this moment would, several Earth minutes later, be entirely different. It is literally like a sea, constantly moving and changing.


“When an entity approaches the portal of departure from the Earth, which you call death, the condition of their spirit, mind, heart, and some degrees of their physical body have much to do with what happens next.”


Note from Lama Sing: “We would state here, clearly, that this is one of the most significant works that we shall do together with you for the entire tenure of our service with this Channel. Our reason for stating this to you with no small degree of emphasis is that by understanding the nature and interaction of this topic—in other words, the entities and the realms of consciousness which are involved in same, the topic—one can clearly, while yet in the Earth, see the value, the wonderful opportunity, that being in the Earth presents to you all in terms of the ‘after-life’, as it’s called, which is the true life, the eternal life, and the potential that that shall bear for you.” –Lama Sing


NOTE: This is one of the readings included in: The Sea of Faces

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