Samadhi [1992]


Excerpt: Whether or not one is a follower of this doctrine or that—an adept in this teaching, tradition, doctrine, philosophy or what not—all of these are likened unto pathways which shall, in the ultimate, come together in the presence of God. And so it could be said, drawing from this as a truth, that no matter where one is in their consciousness or what pathway they have chosen, the destination, ultimately, is the same.


Therefore, there is to be adjudged good merit and wisdom in the exploration of alternative pathways to those which are presently known in order that the breadth and depth of your level of acceptance can be enhanced by this, that the recognition of all creation, being unified through a common thread from the creator, thereafter becomes more evidently apparent. See?


Samadhi. A state of blissful existence and/or expression which is, specifically, without purpose or manifestation from the conditional recognition of thought and/or thought patterns; the subjugation of one’s individual will and one’s individual personality, or id, to the continuum of creativity as may be expressed finitely in the object or objective.

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