Sacred Sounds – Part I [1997]


Excerpt: The relationship between all entities, souls, and that which is the creation of God responds not only to the vibration of light, color, and sound, but to the energies of all other things that are in creation. The relationship also is profound to the uncreated, which is that which is ever unfolding and the potential of the Children of God as their heritage from God. Therefore, as you have asked in your opening question the relationship between sound in its various forms and spiritual development and such, it should become immediately apparent that sound and the sacred sound are, in the plural sense, an avenue of rapidity to the recovering of one’s heritage…which is to say, the awakening of spiritual consciousness.


Sound is an energy which you direct. Those of you who are present who are most knowledgeable in the uses of sounds through mantra, through sacred chant and all the variants of same, know the effect that this has upon you. So we should submit to you, what would you ask from these realms as to your own experiences and/or interactions with the mantra or any variant upon same.

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