Sacred Sounds in Healing [1999]


Excerpt: All of substance, in terms of finite expression and that which is formulative in terms of the intent of creation and that which is felt and manifested through the portal called emotion and/or heart, are all variations of what we shall call categorically, energy. Thus, this could be called a work in energy medicines. Or it could be called a work in creative energies. Or it could be called, as given above, Sacred Sounds in Healing.


We wish to emphasize that these are synonymous, that there is a direct correlation between any and all forms of what is called healing work. Whether these be in the formulation of substance called chemical or biological or any such as these. Whether these, secondly, are through energy apparati, whether they are radionic or literally those which bombard the body with atoms or ions or any such, including radiation. Or, thirdly, whether they are through the more subtle approaches to energy healing and techniques of treatment methods, which might include the lesser recognized, though rapidly growing, treatments to the physical body through touch or manipulation, through sound or through color or all such as can be surmised to be included in this third category.


Indeed, it is entirely possible for we to carry on and name fourth and fifth categories, as well. These, however, would only be understood, if at all grasped, by a very few in the Earth.

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