Reincarnation [1975]


Excerpt: Reincarnation is not mandatory. It is not forced upon any soul. It is, rather, a choice made by that soul at a point or viewing of the soul’s past experiences.


A soul may choose to await for some period of time before reentering the Earth plane. Or may choose to function or exist in a form of existence on another plane, such as planes very similar to what you would call material or mental existence. Here we would find that these purposes then strongly dictate that which is sought after as the following existence. An example here might be employed: An individual, having had a past incarnative experience on the Earth plane, arriving then at a point of existence which is more collective, (that would be after the experience you would call death) would assess their position best upon these new experiences. They might choose, at that point to exist within the sphere of mental existence of the Earth plane moreso than its physical sphere, for contributing to others in one manner or another and thus balance through this experience, this shared experience, some spiritual growth or some increased awareness of their own need.

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