Realms: A Project [1991]


Excerpt: “It may seem to a degree puzzling that the very lowest – the souls who are the ‘most lost’  – should be, paradoxically, only a veil away from God. But this is so. Those who are the least among His kingdom stand first in their potential of their return to He, separated only by this veil of consciousness which is the primary veil.


“Why is this so? Perhaps it may already be obvious or apparent to some of you. It is because when the individual soul reaches that level of what we shall call surrender, despondency, utter despair, that they will themselves to, in effect, cease to exist. They have withdrawn from all interactions, all joy, all sense of any involvement with any existence.


“And they are there, at the very bottom of this upward spiraling nebulae of return to God, that should they in that moment of willing themselves to cease existence altogether, they would move through the primary veil and become one with God. They may dwell therein for an indeterminate period of time, and if they can recover, they will have rejoined God. If they cannot recover fully, they will pass back through the primary veil and move to that level within the seven major realms, or strata, to resume their quest for discovery of their soul, their spirit. See? So you have Light, you have the primary veil, you have the lowest realm.” –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 7 readings. Download/Print size is 100 pages

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