Pyramids [1975]


Excerpt: Those of the grouping Atlanteans, having commenced a massive migration to distant lands, began to culminate in certain geographic areas to recommence their activities, teachings, manners of life. One such location was that area identified by thee as the land called Egyptian, but at this time there were divergences of many peoples with all the changes in landmasses. And various tremors through Earth and sky caused much concern both mentally and spiritually among the peoples on the planet Earth at that time. Here we find the settling of these people then and the interaction with those of groupings whom had dwelled here a past and from other areas of your planet, had they journeyed to this place. Such an influx caused a considerable amount of confusion and many activities commenced in areas that were not understood by many of the peoples.


Throughout time, then, these symbols (created through the knowledge of the At- lanteans) were left, in the belief that these were merely edifices of past rulers and the like. We would state to thee now that this is not so. These monuments were created for a grander nature perhaps than can even be conveyed by our humble grouping gathered here. We would attempt to give these small comments and then attend to questions that might arise in that regard.


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