Purpose of Higher Searching [1974]


Excerpt: The light you seek within is not an unfamiliar one to you. It is a light which has been within you all since the beginning of all time. We refer to this as the presence of God within each of you; and in this respect you are, you see, an integral part of our Father. And this, you see, is the purpose of your searching. You must have a greater awareness of this presence in order that you may truly accept the abilities and awarenesses which are available to you all.


The purposes are not merely for phenomenon and are not merely for the correction of physical difficulties, et cetera. They are, you see, to enlighten you to the higher heritage, as though to remove the blindfold from your eyes that you can see truly the entire stage upon which you are a part. This role you play, is essential. It cannot be completed without the fulfillment of one moment of your existence. It is essential that you have these experiences upon which to build your higher self. But, also, it is possible that you can attain this higher awareness and still fulfill this, you see; with the higher awareness, you can compress many experiences and lessons into brief moments of time.

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