Psychic Development: A Series [1991]


Excerpt: “Being psychic is a natural phenomenon, if it could be called such. It is a part of the natural extension of the senses. Therefore, consider the development of any one of these senses no differently than as you would consider developing a talent towards music, towards art, towards speech, acting, medicine, law, or any such, it is of very little differentiation here. See?


“Therefore, as one who is a psychic considers their work, there is the tendency to be influenced by the expectations of mass-mind-thought. Very often, comparing the work called psychic works or channeled information to be comparable to that which is aligned with the Biblical, in example, the prophets and such. And perhaps even more profoundly, associated with such works as are given through the Master, the Christ, particularly when He was known as the man called Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, and many others of similar noteworthy title and name.


“And yet, the mass-mind-thought does not expect from each pianist that they should arrive at the acclaim of what you call the great masters, nor of an artist, that each should be, again, as one of the masters, but look upon them and evaluate their work individually, dependent upon that entity, the current time, and all those manners of considerations are manifested. And so then should the practicing psychic remember that they are in the Earth, after all, occupying or perpetuating a physical body. And perhaps that body and the lifetime to that point have accumulated certain expectations and responsibilities which, as well, need to be considered. For if a work is to be a good work, then it is to be judged by its fruits, the results. If a psychic demonstrates with their life, as well as with their work, an ideal or a result which shows itself to be of balance, of harmony, and of good result, then it follows that their works can be evaluated in a similar manner.” –Lama Sing


NOTE: This series consists of 8 readings. Download/Print size is 107 pages

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