Nature of Reality [1998]


Excerpt: In order to understand the commentary which has been presented here to be given to you, we should like to preface that with this following array of comments and observations. Considering that you, as a matter of fact, are a creation of God, then it follows that the spirit of God is that which lives within you, giving life and giving fullness to the potential of your profound uniqueness. In the essence of that realization, it comes to consciousness, or mind, if you will, that to be a creation of God is also to be one with God. For there is naught which exists which is apart from God. And that, accordingly, God is. And therefore, no matter what we would focus upon, be it agreed upon as real or subjective, God would be there also.


Creation, then, having as its definitive nature implies something that is little understood in the fullness of its potential. Granted, many great souls and great minds in the Earth have offered considerable commentary about this as a subject or topic, and equally so about reality and its nature.


But if you will, consider for a moment that in that time and space wherein there was naught, and then following that wherein the same time and space had the fullness of creation, what took place in the interim between these two points of focus?

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