Nature of Children: A Project [1989]


A fascinating project about humankind – our makeup, our heritage, and our destiny. For, to understand the nature of children is in actuality to understand the nature of ourselves.


Excerpt: “In the creation of consciousness, dear friends, one might consider that at this point each soul, each consciousness, is, as such, a child. For creation implies the beginning or starting of an evolutionary spiral of growth. And, under the auspices of the Law Universal, each soul thereafter chooses their own way and follows their own path or paths, in accordance with that which inspires or nurtures them.


“And so, then, as we consider this point of creation, or we might call it birth, and also consider that, as such, these souls (or entities as they might more appropriately be called in their individual expressions) are now about the business, so to say, of discovering themselves, their nature, and their oneness with God.” –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 5 readings. Download/Print size is 38 pages

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